How it works

Professional Recruitment Service “Apply+ Program”

We ask for your kind understanding, but the processing of each Applicant costs time, a lot of hard work and money, a lot of telephone conversations (not every European or American employer agrees to accept applications from foreigners); we pay for the services of a foreign visa-agency too. Therefore, we think it is fair to define with which Applicant we will work, respectively – who will be invited.

Of course, each candidate can submit his request.

But, you will use our service with the Professional Recruitment  Service “APPLY+ PROGRAM” if you have a written invitation only, after the application.                                                                           

Invitee candidate will meet our conditions and the position for which he could run.

 Wait for our confirmation: according to our Terms and Conditions now a pre-selection process is forthcoming. Well, you have to wait for an eventually written invitation (or refusal). 

Receive your checked and completed documents pack and deposit them in the company of the employer.

If all goes without complications and is Okay: you can again turn to us if you eventually decide to change your job in the future.

You can again use the services of the visa agency: for visa-extension service (when your new work visa expires after a year or two), when choosing a pension fund and so on.

NOTE: We can charge your new employer for an eventual commission. Our service is free of charge for the Applicants. No hidden fees or charges!

When you use our services you declare your understanding that: the end result of your application process depends only on the employer, and you can get a denial of your application. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.